Cubs: Willson Contreras pays Seiya Suzuki the ultimate compliment

Cubs star Seiya Suzuki rapidly gained attention across the league upon his MLB debut. Teammates are feeling the impact of the powerful rookie and shared some good words.

Chicago Cubs pitcher WIllson Contreras has played with the likes of Javy Baez, Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo since his MLB debut in 2016, but none have compared to one of his newest teammates in Seiya Suzuki. Suzuki has been a breakout star for the Cubs, and it’s hard to believe he’s only been part of MLB regular season for a few weeks.

“He’s the best player that I’ve ever played with. His plate discipline is insane. Everything that he does on the field, the way he takes care of himself (on) and off the field is amazing.” -Willson Contreras, via Daily Herald

Suzuki shared some sentimental words in response to Contreras, which showed admiration of his talent.

“Obviously Willson’s a player that’s been playing here for a long time and he’s been one of the greatest catchers in the major leagues. To be able to hear something like that for is something I’m very, very thankful for.” -Seiya Suzuki, via Bleacher Nation

The two show good sportsmanship and support for one another and are both huge assets to the Cubs franchise.

Who is Seiya Suzuki, Cubs rookie?

Suzuki is an outfielder for the Cubs who made his MLB debut just two weeks ago. Though he’s barely stepped into the world of MLB, he’s already broken records and become a household name among fans. With only 31 career at-bats, he’s scored nine runs, produced 12 hits and four home runs. He’s on-path to beat Babe Ruth’s batting record set in 1923 and will likely become one of the best players in MLB history.

According to Bleacher Nation, “Through 10 games, Suzuki is up to a .429/.564/.929 slash line, good for a 285 wRC+ (5th in baseball, 2nd in the NL). He’s been worth 1.0 WAR so far, so he’s on pace to finish the year worth 16.0 WAR, breaking Babe Ruth’s record (15.0), set in 1923. That is something that is definitely going to happen.”

Though his time in MLB has been short, it’s been one of the most impactful starts in Cubs history.

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