Kyle Schwarber takes the high road after losing it on Angel Hernandez

Philadelphia Phillies slugger Kyle Schwarber left his protest on the field after getting tossed in the ninth inning for freaking out at Angel Hernandez.

We have to give Schwarber some credit here, as Hernandez has a reputation for getting to even the most stable of veterans. But, after making his thoughts loud and clear on the field, the Phillies star opted not to take those complaints into the clubhouse media session.

Had he said anything but the company line, a fine surely awaited him, and more attention that the team doesn’t need in the early-season NL East race.

“I’m not here to bury anyone,” Kyle Schwarber said, per Matt Gelb of The Athletic. “But it wasn’t very good.”

That’s about as sound as Schwarber could be without receiving a fine, just as his protest was as measured as possible without crossing a line.

Phillies: Kyle Schwarber makes thoughts known on Angel Hernandez

Schwarber isn’t one to act out of anger or emotion in the clubhouse. Rather than allow himself to get caught up in the moment, he merely stated that he was displeased with the call.

In fact, the Phillies slugger had allowed himself the opportunity to scream and yell in front of Hernandez in the ninth inning, stomping around home plate and (responsibly) tossing his gear in an angry motion out of harm’s way.

It was as demonstrative as Schwarber could be without the Phillies receiving unwarranted attention. Hernandez, on the other hand, continues to be the greatest advocate for an electronic strike zone.

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