Brock Holt speaks out on ‘strange’ offseason release from Braves

At this point in his career, Brock Holt is no longer the same player who made a name for himself as a postseason hero for the Boston Red Sox.

Holt was released by the Braves this spring, as the team gave him the option to play in Triple-A. Of course, that didn’t really appeal to the former MLB regular, so he opted for the free agent market instead.

Still a free agent, Holt discussed his strange experience in Atlanta, and didn’t sound all that grateful for his release despite the fact it led to another MLB opportunity.

“It was a little strange at first after they told me I wasn’t making the team with the Braves,” Holt recently told WEEI’s Rob Bradford. “They asked me if I wanted to go to Triple-A. I said, ‘No, thank you. No, I do not.’ They said, ‘OK, we’ll just release you. You’ve played well so maybe another team will pick you up.’ Sounded good. So I went back to the hotel, packed up my stuff and drove back up here and I’ve been home ever since. It’s strange watching the games, knowing I can still play and feeling like I can still help the team. But it’s also really nice being home.”

Braves gave Brock Holt an opportunity with no strings attached

The Braves’ spring training invite was just that — an invite, with no strings attached.

While he performed well, there wasn’t an MLB roster spot available for him in the ATL, so they offered to keep him stashed away in the minors, or release him outright.

Believing he’d a receive another chance on an MLB team shortly thereafter, Holt opted for his unconditional release. Unfortunately, that has not panned out as planned. Still, he sounds content with matters:

“(I’m) happy where I’m at right now, being at home and getting to spend as much time as I have been with the family,” Holt said.

At 34 years old, who knows how many chances Holt has left to make a major-league roster?

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