Arizona Diamondbacks, St. Louis Cardinals

Madison Bumgarner had funny ‘advice’ for Paul Goldschmidt after home run

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Madison Bumgarner trolled St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt after hitting a home run off of him.

Madison Bumgarner was on the mound for the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday, Apr. 29, as they took on the St. Louis Cardinals. In the first inning, Bumgarner faced off against former Arizona first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. After a lengthy battle, Goldschmidt won by hitting a home run to center field to give the Cardinals the 1-0 lead.

Despite that, the Diamondbacks won the game 6-2. Afterwards, Bumgarner revealed that he texted Goldschmidt regarding his home run, telling him if he was going to do so, do it on the first pitch, not the 15th. That comes courtesy of’s Steve Gilbert.

Madison Bumgarner had funny ‘advice’ for Paul Goldschmidt after home run

Technically, it took Goldschmidt 12 pitches, but the point stands.

The at-bat began with a 0-2 start, followed by a foul ball, three balls and five fouls before Goldschmidt sent Bumgarner’s 91.5 mph sinker over the center field wall of Busch Stadium.

While things were looking good for the Cardinals, it all ended after that bottom of the first inning. The Diamondbacks went on to score five runs before the Cardinals got back on the board in the bottom of the seventh on a balk. Arizona took a 6-2 lead on an RBI single by Sergio Alcantara in the eighth.

Bumgarner got his first win of the season as a result of his effort against the Cardinals. In five full innings, Bumgarner recorded two strikeouts and one walk while surrendering three hits.

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