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Video genius breaks down Jake Taylor’s game-winning bunt from Major League

This video breakdown of Jake Taylor’s game-winning bunt in Major League is simply majestic.

In the history of baseball, no bunt was more important to the fabric of the game we love than Jake Taylor laying one down to win the AL pennant in the final scene of Major League.

In the 30-something years since Major League came out, a lot has changed in the world, including the name of the franchise Taylor played for. Though Cleveland still has not won a World Series since Taylor did the improbable to help plate Willie Mays Hayes, it remains one of the most defining moments from one of the greatest sports movies to ever be filmed on God’s green Earth.

Mike Camerlengo’s absolutely incredible breakdown of the famous Jake Taylor game-winning bunt from Major League is what the internet was made for. Though the kids will need earmuffs for this, every last syllable was masterfully calculated to pristine perfection.

This video breakdown of Jake Taylor’s game-winning bunt is everything

For those who don’t remember, Taylor was a washed catcher getting boozed up down in Mexico. He was brought to Cleveland to help this club tank, so the franchise could move to Miami. The grizzled veteran played a key role in Cleveland doing the improbable of winning the AL pennant. Of course, they had to beat the absolutely hated New York Yankees to even win the sacred ALCS.

Taylor stepped into that batter’s box like the gladiator he is. Slow and old, he channeled his inner Babe Ruth to call a moonshot. After getting one thrown high and tight, Taylor eventually connects on a swinging bunt to catch the Yankees’ third baseman completely off-guard. The silver screen equivalent of Rickey Henderson was simultaneously cruising around the base paths thinking win.

With absolutely no cartilage left in his knees and carrying the loathsome burden of a regret-filled life, Taylor went Sid Bream before Sid Bream really became Sid Bream in Atlanta close to a decade later. He hit that bag and collapsed like a sack of potatoes onto the Municipal Stadium AstroTurf. Hays was heading home and slid in a way that will pull your groin just thinking about it for the win.

In the ultimate moment of his long baseball career, Taylor did the improbable and got his girl back.

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