What is the MLB for record for getting hit-by-pitch most in a single season?

Who is Major League Baseball’s single-season record holder for the most hit-by-pitches?

There’s no crying in baseball! But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel pain after being drilled by a high-and-tight fastball, right?

There seems to be an inordinate number of players being hit by pitches this season. It’s been a topic of conversation throughout Major League Baseball. The New York Mets currently lead the league in having been hit-by-pitch 21 times this season.

We saw Pete Alonso, who’s been plunked four times this season, get drilled in the head over a week ago. A benches-clearing incident between the Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals occurred last week after Nolan Arenado was hit by a pitch.

Strangely, the Pittsburgh Pirates have only been hit once this season. I guess I need to remind myself that Clint Hurdle is no longer the manager in Pittsburgh.

What is the MLB record for getting hit-by-pitch in a single season?

With bruises aplenty this season, let’s look back through the MLB history books and see who is the all-time single-season leader for getting hit-by-pitch. In order to answer this question, you have to go all the way back to 1896.

That year, a young infielder for the Baltimore Orioles named Hughie Jennings led the league after being hit-by-pitch a record 51 times. Jennings actually holds the all-time record for hit-by-pitch over a career as well with 287.

As far as teams go, Jennings’ 1898 Orioles hold the all-time record for hit-by-pitch. That year, Jennings and his teammates were plunked 160 times. Jennings led the way with 46 of his own.

Last season, rookie Jonathan India led the way for the National League having been hit-by-pitch 23 times. Over in the American League, Mark Canha and Ty France shared the dubious distinction of taking one for the team 27 times.

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