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Kyle Schwarber went berserk on Angel Hernandez after another awful call [Video]

Phillies outfielder Kyle Schwarber went crazy on umpire Angel Hernandez after he made yet another horrible call behind home plate.

Many players and fans have had moments with Angel Hernandez calling balls and strikes that made them want to pull out their hair.

Kyle Schwarber hit that point and probably went beyond it on Sunday while the Phillies were battling the Brewers.

It was a tense moment in the game. Philadelphia was trailing 1-0 in the bottom of the ninth with one out. Schwarber faced a full count and Josh Hader sent his pitch outside the strike zone. Hernandez called it a strike and the left fielder absolutely lost it.

Kyle Schwarber went berserk on Angel Hernandez after another awful call

There are few people in baseball who don’t feel Schwarber’s pain. Hernandez has a reputation for being a terrible home plate umpire and he lived up to it in that game.

Missing that call for a strikeout in the bottom of the ninth of a one-run game was a low moment, but it was far from the only terrible call he made throughout the day.

Schwarber was ejected from the game while Alex Bohm flew out to end the game.

The game might have ended with a Brewers win either way, but putting Schwarber on base could have changed the trajectory of the inning. You never know. All fans want is for the umpires to get things right and Hernandez too often isn’t close to that.

Milwaukee improved to 10-6 on the season while the Phillies dropped to 6-10.

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