Young Yankees fan gifted Aaron Judge’s HR ball got to meet his favorite player [Video]

A young Yankees fan was brought to tears on Tuesday after a Blue Jays fan gifted him an Aaron Judge home run ball. On Wednesday, the youngster met the star.

One of the beautiful moments that baseball can sometimes offer us happened on Tuesday night. New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge hit a home run in Toronto and the ball was caught by a Blue Jays fan.

That’s simple enough and happens in just about every game. What set this instance apart, however, was that the man who caught the home run turned around and, without hesitation, gifted the ball to a young Yankees fan wearing a Judge shirt. The kid was so excited that he broke into tears and hugged the Jays fan for the amazing gesture.

After the game, even Judge was moved by the awesome moment between opposing fans, saying “that’s what’s special about this game.”

9-year-old Yankees fan meets Aaron Judge after being gifted HR ball

The moment didn’t stop there, though. On Wednesday night prior to another tilt between the Yankees and Blue Jays, the 9-year-old fan, Derek, got to go into the dugout and meet Judge, his favorite player.

In itself, that’s an incredible moment for the young fan and he clearly believes so too as he’s once again crying (assumedly with joy). However, the really cool aspect of it is Judge asking Derek who is favorite player is and the youngster just points right back at him. You can tell that meant a lot to Judge and the fan at the same time.

For what it’s worth, it’s also a nice touch that the Blue Jays fan who gifted the ball also got to enjoy the trip into the dugout to meet Judge.

Again, this is just one of those things that makes baseball great.

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