Ronald Acuña hit another homer but managed to stay on his feet this time

Ronald Acuña is making headlines for the Atlanta Braves once more as he continues crushing home runs. This time he managed to stay on his feet.

The Atlanta Braves have one of the most exciting figures in baseball in Ronald Acuña. The dude is great at hitting home runs and he’s actually able to somehow hit home runs while slowly falling over in the process.

That on its own is a pretty impressive feat, to be completely honest. But it’s also really impressive that Acuña is able to routinely hit solid home runs and remain on his feet.

Like this home run right here:

Atlanta Braves: Ronald Acuña crushes home run and manages to stay on his feet

Again, this home run right here is absolutely something that should be cherished because this is really impressive. Being able to hit a home run while in the midst of falling over has to be a very difficult thing to do. Hitting a home run 450 feet while falling down? That’s just absolutely absurd stuff from Acuña.

But hey, Braves fans already know just how good Acuña is and how much he’s able to elevate their favorite team.

The 24-year-old is already a star and, when healthy, he’s clearly one of the best players that Major League Baseball has to offer. He’s fun, exciting, and hits home runs seemingly whenever he wants to. Gravity and the boundaries set by physics don’t seem to matter here.

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