Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres

Watch: Padres fan throws beer on the field toward Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger

A beer was thrown in the direction of Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger’s direction during Friday night’s game at the San Diego Padres.

In what looked to be a routine fly ball to centerfield, Los Angeles Dodgers centerfielder Cody Bellinger was not expecting to be joined by a beer can at Petco Park.

Though the Dodgers improved to a blistering 10-3 on the season in their 6-1 victory over the division rival San Diego Padres, why would a fan waste a refreshing 14-dollar beer in this manner? Blessed with the downfield accuracy of Mitch Trubisky, this fan either missed his target by a good 10 yards or they were just done holding onto this most burdensome of adult beverages.

Despite living by the mantra of “win or lose, we still booze”, why did this precious beer have to die?

If Dodgers CF Cody Bellinger can dodge a wrench, he can dodge a ball beer

While cultivating mass in one’s quest for a leisure studies degree in school, there is no lesson more important than you don’t wound a solider, bro. Whether is it a domestic or a craft brew, a tall boy or a longneck, you don’t polish of a healthy helping of suds by turning this recyclable into a projectile. You finish the drill, slam the empty vessel on the table, belch and go on with your life.

It may always be en vogue for former mediocre high school athletes everywhere to brag about their accomplishments on the diamond, gridiron, hardwood, pitch or rink, but once you are of age to procure $15 worth of brew at a ballgame, your days of pretending to be Sandy Koufax or Trevor Hoffman are so over. That Bud may have been for you, but to treat it like garbage is unacceptable.

Ultimately, it really does not matter if that fan was asked to leave the premises at pleasant Petco Park or not, somebody’s suds died that day. While you have every right to pour one out for the beer in question, that is what malt liquor is for. So for the love all that is holy and sacred about the national pastime, go grab yourself some Olde English and pay your respects.

Never in his baseball life has Bellinger looked more alert and in the moment that on this fly ball.

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