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Former Red Sox hitting coach reveals why he chose to leave

Some Boston Red Sox fans may have been a little confused when Tim Hyers left for the Texas Rangers in Arlington. Now everyone knows why he left.

The Boston Red Sox had a pretty solid hitting coach in Tim Hyers. During his time with the Red Sox, Hyers had some pretty solid rosters to work with and plenty of talent for him to help coach up.

So, when Hyers ultimately decided to leave the Red Sox in favor of the Texas Rangers in Arlington, some folks in Boston may have been a little puzzled.

However, thanks to some solid reporting from the good folks over at, everyone now knows why Hyers ended up moving from Boston to Arlington. That’s because Hyers told Christopher Smith his reasons for leaving the Red Sox.

According to Smith’s report, Hyers listed the following reasons for leaving Boston in favor of Arlington:

“It was a new challenge for me,” Hyers said. “Maybe they needed a new voice. Maybe. Maybe I needed a new scenery, a new environment to keep moving.”

Tim Hyers shares reasons for leaving Boston Red Sox

As Smith reports, Hyers wasn’t leaving the Red Sox for monetary reasons, the Red Sox did what they could to try and keep him in town.

“They did everything to bring me back,” Hyers explained. “The Red Sox were very generous to me. It was very open. It was my call.”

It’s never a bad thing to leave a job on your own terms and to leave things on good terms with your previous employer. Having your boss doing everything possible to keep you around is probably a really good sign that you’re good at your job.

That certainly appears to be the case with the Red Sox and Hyers. Of course, given how Boston is doing this season, Red Sox fans probably want Hyers to leave the Rangers and return as soon as possible.

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