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Watch: Yankees, White Sox benches clear after hard tag on Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson and the Chicago White Sox sure didn’t seem all that thrilled with Josh Donaldson and the New York Yankees.

It sure seems like Tim Anderson and the Chicago White Sox aren’t all that happy with Josh Donaldson and the New York Yankees at the moment. Having the bases clear and the bullpens empty generally isn’t a sign that a baseball team is content with the way something unfolded.

That’s exactly what happened in the game between the White Sox and the Yankees on Friday. And, well, it’s pretty easy to understand why Anderson wasn’t exactly happy with Donaldson. It’s totally understandable that Anderson’s teammates would back him up in this situation.

The whole deal started because of an incident that happened as Donaldson attempted to tag Anderson, who was absolutely zooming his way back to third base. Anderson slid and Donaldson moved his body in the way of Anderson and there was a bit of an awkward collision that occurred as a result.

Anderson wasn’t much of a fan of the moment!

New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox benches clear after Josh Donaldson attempts to tag Tim Anderson

Of course, neither were his teammates. Here are a couple of videos that provide pretty good views of the folks out in the bullpen leaving to join the shenanigans.

It’s an odd, uncomfortable situation that could have totally been avoided had Donaldson’s tag attempt been at even a slightly different angle. But that tag ultimately happened and we all know now how everything else in that situation unfolded. Ultimately, nothing of real consequence came from the incident.

The Yankees are currently leading the White Sox 7-3 heading to the top of the seventh inning.

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