Watch: Young Rays fan hilariously throws away dad’s souvenir foul ball

A young Tampa Bay Rays fan caught a foul ball hit by Wander Franco and immediately threw it back.

It is not often that you are able to catch a baseball at an MLB game. Sometimes, as we’ve seen with the Toronto Blue Jays fan giving an Aaron Judge home run to a young New York Yankees fan, can create an emotional moment. Others, will get a chuckle out of you.

During the Tampa Bay Rays‘ game against the Toronto Blue Jays on May 14, shortstop Wander Franco hit a foul ball into the stands. A young fan was able to secure the baseball. After staring at it and giving attendees around him high-fives, decided he did not want it anymore, throwing it back.

Young Rays fan snags Wander Franco foul ball, throws it back

Home runs or nothing, right?

For those wondering if the baseball disappeared for good, the answer is no. When looking at the video provided by SportsNet (via, the fan was given the souvenir baseball back by someone else in their section.

For those wondering the score, the Rays lost 5-1 to the Blue Jays.

So there you have it, the fan threw the baseball away, but did not lose it forever.

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