Watch: Steve Aoki’s first pitch for Red Sox makes 50 Cent look like Nolan Ryan

While 50 Cent may have once held the throne for having the worst first pitch ever, it sure looks like Steve Aoki surpassed him at the Boston Red Sox game.

The Boston Red Sox have been struggling for a number of reasons and having some less-than-stellar pitching at times is definitely an issue for the folks in Boston right now. However, despite the fact that the Red Sox have seen some inconsistencies from their pitchers, there are individuals who are definitely less effective at getting a baseball across home plate.

Steve Aoki is a pretty good example of that. The average human is less talented at throwing a baseball than the average professional baseball player and Aoki certainly helped prove that Monday evening.

Hoo boy is that absolutely not a good first pitch.

It technically got over the plate, so there’s that, but it definitely did not get anywhere near the intended catcher.

Steve Aoki completely botches first pitch at Boston Red Sox game

Of course, it is worth noting that Aoki sure looks like he had some fun with the moment!

In addition to wearing some really interesting pants and shoes, Aoki seems to be having a blast sending that ball into orbit on that throw. It’s a pretty impressive throw, all things considered, but it’s definitely a trajectory that is not remotely near where the ball should have been headed.

So, well, better luck next time? Maybe someone can help Aoki get a do over at some point in the near future?

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