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Brewers rumors: 3 assets Milwaukee can trade for Nelson Cruz

Brice Turang #72 of the Milwaukee Brewers plays.

MESA, AZ – MARCH 10: Brice Turang #72 of the Milwaukee Brewers plays. (Photo by Rob Leiter/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

The Washington Nationals are going nowhere fast and designated hitter Nelson Cruz could be on the trade block. The Milwaukee Brewers might be in need of Cruz’s services.

Nelson Cruz has gotten off to a slow start, and while Father Time may finally be catching up with the 41-year-old slugger, he still possesses tremendous power and could be an asset for a team with postseason aspirations.

The Milwaukee Brewers fit that description. Perhaps David Stearns could give Mike Rizzo a call and the two sides could hammer out a deal for the seven-time All-Star.

The Brewers are currently in the top five of the National League in home runs, OPS, and RBIs, but adding a bat like Cruz’s could help the Brew Crew get over the hump against the likes of the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Mets.

But you can’t get something for nothing, so the Brewers would have to part with one or more of their assets. Let’s take a peek at three assets the Washington Nationals would happy to welcome in exchange for Nelson Cruz.

1. Brewers could trade Brice Turang to the Nationals for Nelson Cruz

Brice Turang looked to be destined to join the Milwaukee Brewers in the majors this season, but after trading for Willy Adames last season, Turang may be blocked at the major league level. Of course Milwaukee could always move the former first-round pick to second base, but the Brewers have plenty of infield depth.

Turang has been above-average during his time in the minors, but the 22-year-old’s stats don’t scream superstar. While the Brewers have done a great job grooming some of their young talent in recent years, this may be a case where Turang may offer more this season as a trade chip than as a part of the infield in the near future.

Being that Turang was Milwaukee’s first-round draft selection in the 2018 MLB Draft, David Stearns and his Brewers front office may be hesitant to include him in a package for a one-year rental like Nelson Cruz.

That said, Brice Turang’s ceiling isn’t very high. While he could be a serviceable shortstop in the big leagues or a slightly above-average second baseman, the Brewers should be willing to part with California native if Adames factors into Milwaukee’s long-term future.

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