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White Sox: A Xander Bogaerts trade offer the Red Sox cannot refuse

The Chicago White Sox could surely use an upgrade in their infield. Could a trade for Xander Bogaerts be on the horizon?

The White Sox are one of several teams that make sense for Bogaerts long-term. While they have their shortstop of the future in Tim Anderson, they could ask Bogaerts to move over to second or third base — something he might be willing to do if Chicago can sign him to a long-term contract.

Before the White Sox trade for Bogaerts, they’d have to confirm all of this information. Namely, would Bogaerts switch positions, and is he willing to sign long-term on the South Side?

If the answer is a resounding yes, then Chicago ought to take a swing for him. Trading for Bogaerts would be costly.

White Sox: What would a Xander Bogaerts trade look like?

When I say “an offer the Red Sox can’t refuse,” I mean it’s a deal that is likely beyond what the White Sox are comfortable with, at least initially. To make said trade, Chicago would need confirmation that Bogaerts is comfortable being a perennial MVP candidate in the South Side. Heck — they may even need to reach out to Scott Boras about contract parameters.

Assuming all that is in order, our friends over at Southside Showdown revealed three potential offers for Bogaerts, depending on how much the Red Sox are asking. The following is from Vincent Parise, and it’s essentially an offer Boston cannot refuse:

White Sox Get

Xander Bogaerts

Red Sox Get

Garrett Crotchet

Andrew Vaughn

Colson Montgomery

Jake Burger

If the Red Sox say no to THAT, then they have no intention on trading Bogaerts in the first place.

Crotchet is on the 60-day IL and will undergo Tommy John surgery, so he’s out for the foreseeable future, but projects to be a top bullpen arm when healthy. Vaughn has been floated in trade rumors, and could start at first base or the outfield for Boston long-term.

Colson Montgomery is Chicago’s No. 1 prospect, and could end up being the gem of this trade should he pan out. Burger, meanwhile, is a bit of an oddball without a real position at the moment. He sure wouldn’t play third base with the Red Sox, as trading away Bogaerts likely ensures they’re keeping Rafael Devers long-term.

Yes, it’s a lot. But keep in mind this is the ‘final offer’, and could very well include different names when all is said and done.

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