Cubs: Willson Contreras’ bat spike deserves a spot in Cooperstown

Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras wasn’t just ejected — he made a scene after the fact with an epic bat spike.

Contreras was thrown out of the game by home plate umpire Ryan Addition, who called an inside pitch a strike. Safe to say, Contreras made his displeasure with the call known.

Not only did Contreras flip out on Addition, which promptly got him ejected from the game — he also drew the strike zone with his bat and then spiked it into the dirt. Wrigley Field exploded with boos in the moment, as they couldn’t believe the call at hand, or the fact that Contreras was thrown out as a result.

In the aftermath, however, we’re forever grateful Contreras was tossed, as we wouldn’t have received this piece of pure glory.

Cubs: Willson Contreras threw the perfect baseball fit

Very rarely do players get their point across when ejected. Usually, that is the manager’s job, who is also promptly thrown out in the process. But Contreras literally painted a perfect picture for Addition, and showed him where that pitch from the Arizona Diamondbacks missed.

I mean, what more can you ask for?

There’s a reason Contreras is the Cubs’ franchise catcher, and there’s another reason he’ll make a ton of money should Chicago allow him to hit the free agent market next Winter.

The man knows his strike zone.

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