Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates

Reds no-hitter: MLB Twitter trolls Cincinnati for losing to Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Cincinnati Reds in a game in which they did not have a hit.

Only the Cincinnati Reds would find a way to lose a game despite not giving up a single hit…

It is only fitting that of all the teams that could have beaten the Reds in their latest on-field catastrophe, it would so be the Pittsburgh Pirates. Technically, this was not a no-hitter because the Pirates only got to bat in eight innings, but who cares? Enjoy this supreme stupidity in all of its glory. If there was ever an example of this being the new dead-ball era in MLB, well, here you go.

In a banner day for guys toeing the rubber, it was a day where hitting coaches ripped out their hair.

Only the Cincinnati Reds could lose a game where the other team gets no-hit

So how did this seemingly implausible event even occur? Well, it starts by walking the bases loaded in the bottom of the eighth inning. A force out got the lone run across in the ballgame.

Reds rookie right-hander Hunter Greene pitched a gem, despite giving up too many free passes.

As for the Buccos, the only Pirate who was going to get a hit today was Jason Kendall.

Let’s be real. The entire cast of characters on The Pat McAfee Show could have stepped into the batter’s box vs. Greene and would have achieved similar results. The question is if the boys would have had the plate discipline to draw multiple walks in an inning like the good old days of youth baseball. The only saving grace is this Reds defeat was not played at Great American Ball Park.

If this game was in Cincinnati, lord only knows what would have been dumped into the Tundra…

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