Look: Aaron Judge home run is definition of barrel on ball

Aaron Judge is having a season for the ages in a contract year for the New York Yankees.

When your old ball coach tried to tell what barrel on ball meant, he wishes he had an Aaron Judge highlight to show you back in the day.

The New York Yankees slugger is raking one homer after another in his contract year for the Bronx Bombers. Down 1-0 late to the Chicago White Sox in Game 1 of their Sunday doubleheader, Judge basically took a telephone pole and uncorked an absolute behemoth of a moonshot deep into the left-field bleachers. Fred McGriff could have never done this on a Tom Emanski instructional video.

I mean, look at this! Look at how nice this is!

Aaron Judge defines what barrel on ball means with his latest Bronx bomb

Wanting nothing more than to grow his beard longer than Billy Gibbons’ of ZZ Top fame, this sharp-dressed man in pinstripes gave that poor baseball all his lovin’, hugs and kisses too in the biggest baseball money-making year of his life. As those cheap sunglasses of yours fogged up in the bleachers of the house that Ruth built, Judge was looking for some … touch ’em all on this HR.

Even if Judge will not abandon New York like Cincinnati did its subway system many generations ago, he can take this highlight and share it with everyone and their brother who will be more than willing to pay him Giancarlo Stanton money. When you have a home run highlight worthy of being on a Tom Emanski instructional tape, the only thing better is sporting an epic Crime Dog mustache.

Blessed with something close to a trillion-dollar contract, look for Judge to rock the best mustache in pinstripes since Donnie Flipping Baseball. Win or lose, like was often the case in the Don Mattingly era of Yankees baseball, Judge will get paid. No home run hit in late May 2022 will earn a player more life-changing money than when Judge redefined what barrel on ball meant.

If Judge wants to be a new, sharp-dressed man, let him do his thing if he can do more of this thing.

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