White Sox: Tony La Russa makes strongest statement yet about Tim Anderson

When Hall of Fame manager Tony LaRussa is behind a player, he won’t shy from talking about them positively whenever he can. He did just that for the White Sox star shortstop Tim Anderson.

White Sox star shortstop Tim Anderson has received some uncomfortable attention of late in response to Yankees’ third baseman Josh Donaldson calling him “Jackie (Robinson).”

After the May 21 game between the White Sox and Yanks, Anderson revealed that Donaldson had called him “Jackie [Robinson].” Donaldson admitted to the “Jackie” comments but said it was in reference to Anderson saying he felt like “today’s Jackie Robinson” in a 2019 Sports Illustrated interview.

Donaldson was suspended one game for the comments and did plan to appeal. He is currently on the Covid injured list.

La Russa quickly defended his star player, calling Donaldson’s comments “racist.”

White Sox: Tony La Russa all the way in Tim Anderson’s corner

As the situation has simmered, La Russa has taken the opportunity to speak highly about Anderson. La Russa said Anderson is as special as White Sox fans think, adding that fans around the country need to know what Sox fans know.

That’s quite the high praise from the Hall of Fame manager who many have referred to as old school. While he may have some old-school thoughts on baseball,  if anything, La Russa is loyal to his players. Anderson has referred to his manager as “a best friend.”

White Sox fans of Twitter agreed with the manager’s sentiments.

Anderson and the White Sox move on from the Yankees series to take on the Boston Red Sox beginning tonight at Guaranteed Rate Field. Fans will certainly be showing Anderson some love during this series.

And deservedly so, as he comes into the series hitting .359/.400/.517 with eight doubles, five home runs, seven stolen bases, with 22 runs and 18 RBI. He currently has a strikeout rate of 11%.

La Russa is correct. Anderson is a special player. Hopefully, fans across the country can look past the Josh Donaldson debacle and see Anderson for the hot hitter and thrilling player he is for the Southside.

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