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Diamondbacks fans learn lesson after taunting Freddie Freeman for leaving Braves

Arizona Diamondbacks fans at Chase Field tried to get under Freddie Freeman’s skin by calling him a ‘sellout’ for leaving the Braves for the Dodgers.

Freeman left the Atlanta Braves to go home — or at least, that’s how the move was characterized by the Dodgers. The 32-year-old was born in Fountain Valley, California, which isn’t far from Los Angeles.

Yet, money surely played a role in his decision. Freeman has essentially admitted that the Braves were his first choice. He always assumed he’d be re-signing with Atlanta, and when they traded for his replacement without notifying him, it creating a wound of some sort. Atlanta was not willing to go to the six-year contract parameters Freeman had set for himself.

Because of it, Freeman went to his next choice, which he deemed quite easy. He was going home.

Diamondbacks fans troll Freddie Freeman for leaving Braves

Which leads us to Thursday night.

Freeman has excelled in his first season in Los Angeles, which is of no surprise. While he played a solid first base, Freeman is most known for his bat. So far, he’s slashing .312/.399/.500 with a .899 OPS and 152 OPS+.

Thursday’s game was no exception — Freeman went 4-for-5 with 5 RBIs and a home run in a 14-1 Dodgers win.

Since Arizona’s baseball team couldn’t do much to stop Freeman, the fans tried their hand.

If Diamondbacks fans have learned anything, it’s to not taunt this man.

As for the Braves, they’re missing Freeman’s services as well, in the locker room as much as on the playing field. While they middle around .500, one has to wonder where the leadership in the clubhouse will come from, if not Freeman this season?

It remains to be seen if a turnaround is brewing in similar form to the 2021 team which won the World Series for the ATL.

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