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MLB Power Rankings: Yankees among the best around, Mariners let us down

MLB Power Rankings

This week’s MLB Power Rankings includes a few changes in the top ten but some major shifts at the bottom. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

This week’s MLB Power Rankings firmly cement several teams as some of the best around.

It has officially arrived. It’s Memorial Day. This is the day when the MLB standings truly do measure a team’s greatness or weakness. It’s the unofficial kick-off to summer. Suddenly, the MLB Power Rankings are a little more locked into place than they were even a week ago.

This week’s list doesn’t include quite as many big swings as some of the past ones, including the list of thirty from last week. In fact, a couple of the best teams are exactly where they were and look to have locked themselves into a certain top ten position.

In this week’s MLB Power Rankings, we highlight the best around and the clubs who continue to let the fans down.

30) MLB Power Rankings: Kansas City Royals

There is a new team at the bottom of our MLB Power Rankings this week. Welcome to the pit of despair, Kansas City Royals! You keep losing, your run differential is horrific, and there is no sign that things will get any better.

As per usual, the Royals are getting knocked around. It hasn’t helped playing in a division with as many below .500 teams as there are. Hunter Dozier has finally provided Andrew Benintendi with some company on the offensive side of things. Other than that performance, everything else about the 2022 Royals has just been offensive to the fans.

29) MLB Power Rankings: Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates may not have the worst record in baseball or even their own division. Nonetheless, they are the runner-ups for the bottom in this week’s MLB Power Rankings because of just how grey those clouds above PNC Park are.

The Pirates aren’t getting much on the mound from anyone other than veteran rental Jose Quintana. Fans probably didn’t expect much else than losses to pile up. It’s a shame such a beautiful ballpark will go to waste again in 2022. The Pirates begin the week with a run differential of -84 which shows the root cause of their problems this year.

28) MLB Power Rankings: Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds fans can celebrate. This might be as good as it can get. The Reds are actually piecing together a few wins and have climbed out of the number 30 spot. On Sunday, Tyler Mahle even managed to give them a run at a no-hitter.

As they continue to get players back from the IL, the Reds should be able to look a little more respectable. It’s not impossible to overtake the two other bad teams within the division. Will we see a battle for third place or three teams tanking and looking to secure a better draft pick? Either way, enjoy the number 28 spot this week, Reds fans.

27) MLB Power Rankings: Detroit Tigers

A spot here for the Detroit Tigers is less about tipping our cap to them and more about how dreadful the three teams behind them on this list have been of late and all year long. The Tigers are wasting a solid strong performance from their bullpen this year. Fortunately for them, they should be able to shop many of those players at the trade deadline and restock themselves well for the future.

The Tigers possess a solid bullpen which could be key at the trade deadline to gear themselves up for a better run in 2023. It’s just not going to happen this year. They have suffered too many injuries and not gotten nearly enough from the offense. The kids aren’t ready to perform at a high level. Consider the Tigers a contender every week to fall into the last-place spot.

26) MLB Power Rankings: Washington Nationals

Exactly the same that was said about the Tigers above could be attributed to the Washington Nationals. The Nationals are capable of finishing this year with the most losses in the sport because of how bad their pitching staff is. Their assembled lineup could perform well enough to get them close to .500 but without the pitching to help it won’t happen.

It’s this offense that might be the only reason why the Nationals aren’t further down the MLB Power Rankings. They came into this season with the intentions of just getting through it. Trading Juan Soto feels inevitable at some point even if it isn’t this summer. Their spot on the MLB Power Rankings could improve if only because the pitching has been so unbelievably bad.

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