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Here’s the gif that made Tommy Pham slap Joc Pederson

The Tommy Pham-Joc Pederson fallout continued over the weekend, as Pederson shared the gif which started the entire ordeal. 

Pederson, now with the Giants, shared the gif with the media on Saturday. It appeared to be a weightlifting video, in which the Giants and Dodgers could carry their weight, while the Padres failed to do so.

Even in the simplest of terms, this is a fairly harmless gif. But it evidently made Pham incredibly angry, and was the last straw in a fantasy football argument which ended on Thursday night with Pham slapping Joc in the face.

Will Smith would be proud.

Baseball fans dug up the actual gif, which can be used by us at any time. We expect said gif to be met with incredible anger. In fact, you might as well start marching to my house now.

Joc Pederson gif was completely harmless

The gif wasn’t the sole reason that Pederson was slapped, but it seemed to be the breaking point for Pham, who lost a ton of money in a fantasy football league with Joc.

Pham’s solution to all of this was to slap Pederson in the face, which will force him to serve a three-game suspension. The amount of money he’ll lose from this debacle? Just $111,000. No biggie.

Pederson did apologize for using said gif, which makes this all the more ridiculous. Surely, Pederson didn’t mean to offend Pham. It just ended up playing out that way.

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