Matt Olson solidifies value with Atlanta Braves with leading MLB hitting stat

Matt Olson has become the king of the two-bagger since joining his hometown Atlanta Braves.

All Matt Olson does is hit doubles since being traded to the Atlanta Braves this past offseason.

The Lilburn native was drafted out of high school by the Oakland Athletics in 2012. While he could have been Vanderbilt roommates with Marietta native Dansby Swanson, how can anyone pass up first-round pick money? While Olson was certainly an excellent player during his first six years with Oakland, he is poised to put up gargantuan numbers offensively playing in his hometown.

Olson has already achieved an MLB-best 20 doubles this year in only 48 games played for Atlanta.

Matt Olson is fitting right in with the Atlanta Braves with one double at a time

Atlanta is not an above-.500 team just yet, as the Braves are 23-25 heading into their Memorial Day game at the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, they are in the midst of an easy part of their schedule. The Braves have not played a team with a winning record since their May 18 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers, and they may not face another until hosting the San Francisco Giants on June 20.

What this means for Olson and the boys is that Atlanta should, in theory, be able to take advantage of a soft month’s worth of games and make its charge in the NL East divisional race. It signifies that the Braves will be going up against inferior competition on most nights. Thus, Olson and his new Atlanta teammates should be able to feast against teams with weak pitching.

Prior to this season, Olson’s career-best mark when it comes to doubles was 35. While that is a strong number, he is poised to shatter that mark, assuming he stays healthy this season. Fifty doubles is certainly within the realm of possibility for him. It would be a great personal feat to achieve, but it is all about winning championships in Atlanta. His value is undeniable at this point.

While he will forever be attached to Freddie Freeman, Olson is fitting right in on the Atlanta roster.

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