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Yankees: 3 trade deadline targets New York should avoid

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees should avoid trading for Willson Contreras despite the smart logic behind it. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The New York Yankees should avoid targeting these three potential trade candidates.

What will the New York Yankees look to add at this year’s trade deadline? With two months to officially make a decision, there are some early indications as to where they might go.

Like any team, the Yankees will probably look to buy at least one relief pitcher. Their bullpen has been one of the best in baseball early on. The rise of Clay Holmes should at least secure them some faith that they can get through the final three outs regardless of the opponent.

The Yankees also have some other holes they could fill. They haven’t gotten much offensively from their catchers and they should be in the market for a starting pitcher upgrade even if everyone does manage to stay healthy. As per usual, there will be a wide range of players available this summer. These three are ones the Yankees should avoid.

Yankees should avoid trading for Willson Contreras

Trading for a catcher midseason has its quirks. Because of the role of a catcher to work with the pitcher on every single pitch, there needs to be a tight relationship. Trading for someone like Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras would certainly fill the void on offense from the catcher position the Yankees are experienced this year in nearly every at-bat from their backstops. And although he isn’t going to remind fans much of Gary Sanchez on defense, it’s hard to make a case that they should mess with the formula.

The Yankees should punt from getting much offense at all from the catcher position. They came into the year with small expectations from those men at the plate. Changing it midseason feels unnecessary with the exception of a major injury.

Contreras would cost the Yankees too much in terms of prospects for a need they do have but not the right one to make. They would serve themselves better at increasing their offense with a boost at a different position. They have started Kyle Higashioka in the playoffs in the past because of how he works with Gerrit Cole. Although it hasn’t gotten them a World Series, switching catchers and ruining any rhythm the pitchers have with the guys currently in-house doesn’t feel like the best move to make.

When Contreras does reach free agency this winter, it’s a little bit different. He can work with the pitchers and not have to learn things on the fly. Plus, it’ll only cost the Yankees money.

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