Aaron Judge arbitration hearing could hurt Yankees in the long run

The New York Yankees have an upcoming arbitration hearing with Aaron Judge. They ought to tread carefully, or risk losing him altogether.

Judge’s arbitration hearing is on Wednesday, but if the Yanks are smart, they won’t let it get to that point. He’s expected to receive record compensation. New York ought to settle out of court in hopes of building a good relationship with Judge and his representation.

Greater battles loom in the offseason, and if Judge is reminded that the Yankees value him at a lesser valuation than he views himself, it could give him a pessimistic viewpoint as it pertains to extension talks.

In the end, that could be another reason to leave the Bronx.

Rosenthal: Yankees should avoid arbitration with Aaron Judge at all cost

In his column on Monday, The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal theorized that avoiding arbitration for Judge is in the Yankees’ best interest:

“The team wants to keep its relationship with Judge positive in its effort to sign Judge long-term. And Judge’s incredible performance in the first two months, while theoretically off-limits for consideration by the three-person arbitration panel, might only help his cause.”

Any long-term agreement before Wednesday is unlikely. Judge wants over $300 million and the Yankees will ideally give it to him this offseason or beforehand. But dealing with the not-so-small matter of his 2022 compensation must come first.

This past offseason, Judge and New York were far off, but an MVP season (so far) could refresh the Steinbrenners’ memories of just what he’s capable of when healthy.

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