MLB debuts awful merch that would make Chris Sale fume

If you thought Major League Baseball merchandise and apparel was expensive before, think again.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Dodgers revealed their newest collection, a collaboration between New Era and Off-White, the luxury label founded by the late Virgil Abloh.

The offering and price points are about as confounding as Rob Manfred still being the commissioner of baseball.

Somewhere, Chris Sale is aggressively opening and closing a pair of scissors.

The Dodgers’ new collection from New Era and Off-White has fans appalled

This isn’t the first time Off-White has ventured into sportswear. Their many collaborations include Nike, Converse, and Champion. But with all due respect to the extremely talented Abloh, who passed away after a very private battle with cancer in November 2021, this collection is bafflingly out of touch. Between the several streaming packages, tickets, concessions, and merchandise, MLB is already getting too expensive for the everyday consumer. Nothing says “We’re a relatable, family sport” like baseball caps that cost more than ballpark tickets for a family of four and jerseys that cost a month’s rent in most states and have holes right over the nipple area.

On the other hand, it is very America’s Pastime to make things worse and more expensive.

But it’s not just the pricing; it’s the absurdity of being up-charged just to own regular baseball merchandise that comes with gaping holes. Typically, you’d return an item if it arrived in the mail looking like this. Furthermore, the design is far from sophisticated; as many commenters noted on social media, this is absolutely a look one can replicate at home with a pair of sharp shears.

I’m sure there’s a small market for this collection, but it certainly isn’t me, and probably isn’t most baseball fans.

If you like the style, save the $1,000 and get to work with the scissors.

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