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Francisco Lindor homers as mom watches first Mets game

Francisco Lindor made his first at-bat count and gave his mom a show as he hit a three-run bomb.

With his mom in attendance for his first game as a New York Met, Francisco Lindor hit a three-run homer in his first at-bat — what a way to make a first impression.

It’s safe to assume that Lindor made his mom proud with this incredible bomb he hit.

Of course, she is probably proud of him regardless of whether he hits home runs or not, but to do it in his first at-bat with the franchise, had to be a special moment.

This homer was fate as it was the first game his mother got to see him play for the Mets, and there is no better way to impress her than with a bomb. According to a New York Post story, his mother, Maria Serrano, is in a wheelchair, so for her to fly up to New York was a big deal.

Franciso Lindor made his mom proud with a three-run homer

She wasn’t the only family member there for Lindor, which makes this moment even more special.

However, the emotions that came out as he rounded the bases were the best part of this video. While it’s great that he got to have a big moment with his mom in attendance, his raw emotions told us how important it was for him.

Lindor yelled and swung his arms as he rounded the bases, and even his teammates were excited for him. That emotion came from his mother getting to watch him play baseball, and it’s so special to see that bond between mother and son.

These athletes are humans, and there is no telling how long it had been since Lindor saw his mother last, so it’s important to allow them to have these kinds of moments. Sometimes when these moments happen, it gives the player the spark they need, which was clear for Lindor.

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