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White Sox: 3 crosstown trades we could make with the Cubs

Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs trade

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The Chicago White Sox could get a little help this year with a crosstown trade with the Chicago Cubs.

The Chicago White Sox helped build a big part of their core when they made a trade deadline deal with the Chicago Cubs several years ago when they sent Jose Quintana to the other side of the Windy City. Both Dylan Cease and Eloy Jimenez became a part of their organization in the deal.

This year, the roles could be reversed. The White Sox still have a chance to capture the American League Central. A little help from the Northsiders could help them get there.

There are a couple of big needs on the White Sox roster. Fortunately, several players on the trade block could help them meet those needs and get back in the AL Central race.

1) White Sox trade candidate to target on the Cubs: Ian Happ

Ian Happ is a major Cubs trade candidate not getting enough attention this summer. It might be because he does have another year of control left after this season. The need to trade him isn’t presently there for the Cubs who could always shop him in the winter or at next year’s trade deadline instead.

What makes Happ so intriguing is his history of playing multiple positions. He could be an upgrade for the White Sox in the outfield or even at second base over Leury Garcia.

Happ could be a big addition to the White Sox roster because of the many holes they have on the infield and in the outfield. He could be a rover and even set them up well for some future options. Let’s say acquiring Happ is the first move the White Sox make. It wouldn’t take them out of the market to add someone on the infield or outfield thereafter.

Versatility is coveted around the trade deadline. The Cubs, if they’re feeling generous, can send their most versatile player to the Southside.

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