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Marlins star Jazz Chisholm openly flirts with Atlanta Braves

Miami Marlins star second baseman Jazz Chisholm openly flirted with the Atlanta Braves in a recent interview with Jomboy Media.

The Marlins and Braves have had an intense rivalry for several years now, specifically due to Miami’s tendency to bean Ronald Acuña Jr, a rising star for Atlanta. It just so happened that Acuña suffered a season-ending injury against the Marlins last season, as well. While that wasn’t the fault of Miami, it shouldn’t be a surprise considering the two teams’ history.

Chisholm was in the news for the wrong reasons recently, as some in the Miami clubhouse deemed him the Dennis Rodman of the Marlins, and not in a good way. Team executives came out of the woodwork to defend Chisholm at risk of alienating him.

Still, Chisholm trade rumors have surfaced, though the validity of them is unknown. Could the White Sox make sense? What about an eventual in-division move?

Per Chisholm himself, the man loves playing in Truist Park, and his favorite player is literally Acuña Jr. The fit is perfect.

Could Jazz Chisholm move to the Braves?

The bad news for Atlanta baseball dreamers is that Chisholm is under contract through 2026, if you count his arbitration years. That means the Braves are unlikely to sign him to a free agent contract in the near future.

A trade seems unlikely, as well. Teams still rarely trade in-division, even if it’s becoming a but more common. While Miami does tend to trade out the sum of its parts every half-decade or so, dealing with a rival it sees on a regular basis doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, given the revenge factor at hand.

Trading small rental pieces is different than dealing Chisholm, who at his best is an All-Star level second baseman.

Not to mention, the Braves already have Ozzie Albies manning second base. Chisholm would have to play shortstop, or Atlanta needs to get creative.

This trade scenario is making my head spin. So, as much as some Braves fans want to dream, it seems unlikely as of now despite Chisholm’s flirtatious nature.

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