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MLB suspends 12 involved in chaotic Angels-Mariners brawl

MLB issued suspensions to 12 individuals who were involved in the huge brawl between the Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners.T

The Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners got into a huge brawl early on in their June 26 game. Jesse Winker was plunked by Andrew Wantz in the second inning, who threw near the head of Julio Rodriguez in the first, which caused the Mariners outfielder to walk over to the Angels dugout, and he threw hands with Anthony Rendon to begin the chaos. It was one of the wildest bench-clearing incidents in quite some time, and punishments have been handed over 24 hours later.

On Monday, June 27, MLB issued suspensions to 12 individuals involved in the brawl. Angels interim manager Phil Nevin received the lengthiest ban of 10 games, while Winker was handed seven games.

Below is the list of suspensions handed down by the league, courtesy of The Athletic’s Sam Blum.

MLB suspends Phil Nevin 10 games, Jesse Winker for 7 games after Angels-Mariners brawl

Nevin was handed such a lengthy suspension due to the fact that Wantz intentionally threw at Winker while warnings were issued to both teams.

Rendon received a five-game suspension for not just the incident, but for leaving the dugout while being on the injured list. The suspension will be served once Rendon returns from the injured list, and MLB also informed Rendon that he can not be in Los Angeles’ dugout for the team’s next seven contests.

Various members of the Angels staff besides Nevin were suspended. Assistant hitting coach Dom Chiti received five games, Major League interpreter Manny Del Campo got two games, bench coach Ray Montgomery was handed two games, and catching coach Bill Hasselman will miss one game. Nevin, Chiti, and Del Campo will serve their suspensions immediately, while Montgomery and Hasselman begin their suspensions once Chiti returns.

The incident occurred one day after Mariners pitcher Erik Swanson threw up and in near the head of Angels star Mike Trout.

With the wild brawl concluding, MLB investigated and handed down their punishments to each person involved in it.

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