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Yankees great turns on former team, shows love to Jose Altuve

Former Yankees great and current Houston Astros executive assistant Reggie Jackson defended Jose Altuve during a conversation with a New York fan.

The Houston Astros-New York Yankees four-game series concluded this past Sunday, where the Yankees won 6-3 after being no-hit for 6.1 innings and Aaron Judge ending things with a walk-off three-run homer in the 10th inning. One common theme throughout the series is that Jose Altuve returned to the Bronx, and was booed mercilessly by the fans in attendance, not that it bothered him much based off his performance.

But Altuve has the support of one Yankees great.

In Jon Heyman of the New York Post’s article on why Yankees fans should stop booing Altuve, the MLB insider detailed an interaction that Jackson had with a Yankees fan this past weekend, who expressed his hatred of the Astros second baseman in an elevator. Ultimately, it ended with Jackson telling the fan to “be quiet.”

Jose Altuve has the support of former Yankees great Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson shared an elevator the other day with Yankees fans, one of whom was telling his buddies how much he despised Jose Altuve.

“I hate that little sawed off SOB,” the gentleman proudly told his chums.

And that’s where Mr. October, now an Astros executive, entered the convo.

“He’s my favorite player,” Jackson told the fellow, before adding one comment. “You should be quiet.”

The fellow had one question for Reggie.

“You’re Reggie Jackson, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

And so, the guy took Reggie’s advice and shut up.

Imagine being a Yankee fan expressing your hatred for Altuve, then the very player dubbed “Mr. October” who made the All Star Game five times and won two World Series title tells you to “be quiet.” What would you do?

The Astros have received vitriol from Yankees fans ever since it was uncovered that the team had stole signs electronically throughout the 2017 season, the very campaign where. they won the World Series after getting through New York in the ALCS. But no one has received more boos than Altuve.

As mentioned earlier, Altuve has been unphased by the jeers, especially in this past series. The second baseman went 5-for-14 in the batter’s box, where two of those hits were home runs.

This is not the last time that both teams will face off this season. They play one game in Houston on June 30. But, based off the fact that both have the best records in the American League, a postseason matchup could very well happen this fall.

The next time Altuve returns to New York, even after the insistence from Jackson and Heyman, he will probably get booed by Yankees fans.

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