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Fernando Tatis Jr. reveals his initial reaction to being traded from White Sox

Fernando Tatis Jr. was traded from the White Sox at just 17 years old but his initial reaction is one that looks almost comical in hindsight.

Though we haven’t seen him on the diamond in the 2022 MLB season, there’s no denying that Fernando Tatis Jr. is one of the superstars in baseball right now — and figures to be for quite a while as long as he can get healthy and stay that way.

There was a time, however, when even Tatis Jr. wasn’t so sure about his future in baseball. Granted, that was back when he was just a 17-year-old prospect, but what happened at that time led to him doubting his ability.

Said moment came back in 2016 when Tatis Jr. was a member of the Chicago White Sox organization. And then came the trade that eventually led to his current home with the San Diego Padres as he was packaged with Erik Johnson in exchange for veteran pitcher James Shields.

Fernando Tatis Jr.’s reaction to White Sox trade: ‘Do I suck?’

Recently, Tatis Jr. spoke with FanSided’s Robert Murray and spoke about his initial reaction to being traded from the White Sox. And in relatable fashion for a 17-year-old, he questioned whether or not he was good enough having not even played a professional game and getting traded.

Of course, Tatis Jr. has proven to himself and anyone who bought into the notion that he wasn’t good enough completely wrong.

Over three seasons with the Padres at the MLB level, Tatis has already hit 81 home runs, 55 doubles and 191 RBI while slashing .292/.369/.596 over 273 career major league games.

As he now starts to make his way back to the diamond following offseason injuries, anyone who loves baseball should look forward to Fernando Tatis Jr. further showing that his 17-year-old self could not have been more wrong.

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