Dodgers: Mookie Betts nearing return, and could play the infield

Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts is days away from a return, and he could be playing in the infield instead of the outfield.

Weeks ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers put star outfielder Mookie Betts on the injured list after suffering a rib fracture. That caused the team to quickly trade for Trayce Thompson to fill the void. Now, the Dodgers faithful can expect to return to the team in relatively quick fashion.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts revealed on July 2 that Betts has the chance to return either on the July 3 game against the San Diego Padres or on their July 4 contest against the Colorado Rockies.

Roberts also revealed that Betts will play in second base upon his return.

Dodgers: Mookie Betts could return soon and play second base

Roberts explained the reasoning behind playing Betts at second. The manager said it had to do with making easier throws, and that Betts does not want to play the designated hitter position.

Betts originally started off his career as an infielder before making the switch to the outfield. At the major league level, Betts played second base in 23 games, seven of which took place last season.

Overall, he has a .965 fielding percentage at the position, where he committed just three errors on 85 chances.

Prior to his injury, Betts recorded a .273 batting average, a .349 on-base percentage, a .535 slugging percentage, 17 home runs, 40 RBI and 67 hits in 60 games.

Dodgers fans’ holiday weekend just got better after hearing that Betts’ return is imminent.

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