Frankie Montas injury update: Top trade target pulled with concerning injury

The Oakland A’s pulled pitcher Frankie Montas off the mound after just one inning of action against the Mariners with a mysterious injury.

Every time Frankie Montas takes the mound for the Oakland Athletics, it feels like it may be his last with all the trade speculation floating around.

On Sunday, Montas’ appearance against the Mariners lasted just one inning. It wasn’t because of a trade though. It was due to injury.

Montas faced four batters, giving up a home run to Julio Rodriguez on his first pitch of the game. After getting out of the inning, he was pulled in favor of Austin Pruitt.

Frankie Montas injury update: Top trade target pulled with concerning injury

It wasn’t clear what kind of problem Montas may be dealing with, but its effects were clear in his performance.

“Oakland A’s starter Frankie Montas has been pulled after one inning. Montas, whose velocity usually sits 96-97 mph, was 93-94 mph and topped out at 94.5 mph,” Robert Murray of FanSided pointed out.

Fans of opposing teams hoping it was because of a trade were left disappointed when the team ruled out that explanation.

However, they gave no immediate update on the pitcher and what’s ailing him.

Yanking Montas could have been purely precautionary. He is a valued trade asset and his stuff wasn’t there on Sunday. It’s possible they didn’t want anything serious to befall him.

It’s also possible he picked up an injury of some sort that could present hurdle for a potential trade. We won’t know until Oakland clears things up after Sunday’s game is finished.

Pruitt, Montas’ replacement, was absolutely dealing when he came into the game. He made it through four innings of hitless baseball with six strikeouts.

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