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Jesse Winker’s ejection led to pizza delivery of a lifetime for 1 driver

Jesse Winker got a pepperoni pizza and a delivery driver got a tip of a lifetime because of it.

Because Seattle Mariners outfielder Jesse Winker got ejected after getting hit by a pitch, it allowed for something truly amazing to happen.

For as ugly as things got in Anaheim between the Mariners and their AL West rival Los Angeles Angels, at least Winker got a pizza. He never asked for it, but got one delivered to him anyway. A Mariners fan from Arkansas named Sofie Dill decided Winker had been through enough and ordered him a pizza from nearby Mountain Mike’s Pizza. What happened next was incredible.

One random act of kindness would go on to change the life of one unsuspecting Door Dasher.

Jesse Winker’s ejection culminated in the greatest pizza delivery of all time

Dill’s entire tweet thread is an amazing chronology of her quest to get Winker his pizza. She said she would double Simranjeet’s tip if they were able to pull this all off: Deliver a pizza to an ejected Mariners player sitting in the visitor’s clubhouse of Angel Stadium. Not only did Simranjeet successfully deliver the pizza, but Winker let Dill know that he really enjoyed the pizza as well.

Knowing that her quest to get Winker a pizza would go viral, Dill understood the assignment. Of course, there was going to be a tip limit to what she could pay Simranjeet. To counterbalance that, she had him share his Venmo account. Who does not love a happy ending like this? Simranjeet the Legend could not have been more grateful to receive this life-changing tip from baseball fans.

So what if the Mariners lost 2-1 to a division rival on Sunday afternoon? Winker, Seattle and baseball fans everywhere win because of this. All the Angels did was throw an ungodly amount of sunflower seeds onto the field during a game in which they would win. The power of the internet is amazing and the reach of social media is nothing short of incredible. On Sunday, pizza won, y’all!

Even if pizza is not Winker’s favorite food, it is 100 percent his favorite food now after this game.

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