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Red Sox pitching trade targets Chaim Bloom must land at all costs

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox need to aggressively acquire some pitching help, starting with a phone call to the Cincinnati Reds to inquire about Luis Castillo. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Boston Red Sox need to be aggressive in trading for at least one of these pitchers.

The Boston Red Sox have a problem. The pitcher’s arms are falling off faster than heads of birds in Dumb and Dumber. Nathan Eovaldi, Rich Hill, James Paxton, Chris Sale, Michael Wacha, and Garrett Whitlock would make up a pretty good starting rotation and more. Unfortunately, all of them are on the IL.

It’s a major issue for the Red Sox who battled back after a poor start. They remain in contention, but without enough support from the bump, how long will it last?

With an aching rotation, to save their season, the Red Sox will need to be aggressive. With a focus on the rotation right now, these three pitching trade targets should be front of mind.

Luis Castillo

SP, Cincinnati Reds

The Red Sox should be aggressively chasing a Luis Castillo trade

It doesn’t take a genius to connect Luis Castillo and the Red Sox. Currently, a member of the Cincinnati Reds, Castillo’s name is often talked about as a potential trade target for every pitcher-needy club. With control through next season as well, he’s someone the Red Sox can hold onto as many of their other starters potentially flee in free agency.

Let’s be honest; Castillo is going to cost a lot. It has little to do with his numbers on the field—although they do help. Castillo has some amazing stuff and has throughout his big league career. Before this season, he has also been incredibly healthy with three 30+ starts in four seasons and a dozen in the shortened 2020 season which equates to him being around for the full year.

Castillo has survived pitching in the bandbox in Cincinnati and wouldn’t have a problem doing the same in the American League East. To take down some mighty offenses, the Red Sox are going to need some better arms.

The Castillo sweepstakes this summer will be huge. The Red Sox would be foolish to let it pass them by as they wait for their starting pitchers to get healthy.

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