Seattle Mariners, Toronto Blue Jays

Watch: Blue Jays fan hilariously flips off Mariner Moose (Video)

An unsuspecting Toronto Blue Jays fan flipped off Mariner Moose at a Seattle Mariners game.

While Mariner Moose was getting loose in front of the camera, a visiting Toronto Blue Jays fan decided to give the Seattle Mariners mascot the finger.

Clearly, this is an underrated MLB rivalry that most of us didn’t even know existed. The Mariners are tucked away all by themselves up in the Pacific Northwest. Keep in mind that the Blue Jays are Canada’s team, so there are probably folks in British Columbia and nearby Alberta who would rather root for a team that has won two World Series vs. a team who has never even been to one.

By giving the moose the finger, it is an ever-present reminder that the Mariners are the only team in baseball that has never won a pennant before. One is the loneliest number…

Toronto Blue Jays fan flips off Seattle Mariners mascot Mariner Moose

Don’t kid yourself. Odds are you have said something or done something inappropriate when in the presence of another team’s mascot. While most of us have never had the distinct and majestic pleasure to be in the vicinity of a most glorious moose, this anthropomorphic one was probably all jacked up on Starbucks and grasshoppers, about to get buck wild with some Amazon purchases.

Though it is always great to see other mammals support the local economy, you’re still south of the border, bruh! If only he had a Labatt Blue in one hand and an iPhone he purchased at a local Rogers Wireless store would he have not gotten the bird from a fan of a bird franchise. Though moose and blue jays may technically co-exist in the wild, these colors don’t mix on the diamond…

Baseball may be America’s pastime, but Canada likes a sport with a tinge more violence and a whole lot less teeth. It is easy to understand why Blue Jays fans could conceivably flip off a random moose. Collectively, all of Canada has combined to win precisely zero Stanley Cups since Joe Carter walked off as an absolute champion in October 1993. Canada is a basketball country.

Seattle has made the playoffs four times since the Montreal Canadiens won the 1993 Stanley Cup.

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