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5 monster MLB series you’ll want to see live in July

These five monster MLB series are worth seeing live this July as many could preview future playoff matches.

Need a reason to go to an MLB ballpark this July? These five monster series on the schedule after the All-Star Break could get you out there.

Who cares about summer traffic, high temperatures, and the price of a ballpark hot dog? These monster MLB series are worth seeing live.

1. MLB monster series: New York Yankees at Houston Astros, July 21 doubleheader

Could the first regular season games after the All-Star Break get any better than this? The New York Yankees visit the Houston Astros for two games. These two were rescheduled from early April due to the MLB lockout. Whoever decided to schedule this matchup deserves a promotion. At the very least, send them to this doubleheader.

The Yankees and Astros are viewed as the two favorites in the American League. As strong as some other clubs have been for most of the year and how hot others have been lately, it’s an easy bet to believe these two end up meeting in the ALCS. It has happened before. It’s going to take some awful luck for one of them for it to not happen again.

As great as the Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox will be leading into the All-Star Game, it’s this double-dip afterward that is a must-see. Meetings between the Yankees and Astros aren’t all that common. Taking place in the playoff-like atmosphere of Houston will test the fortitude of both clubs.

Can New York win in enemy territory or will Houston fend them off?

There isn’t a single better matchup to open up the second half. We get to see it twice, too!

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