Watch Bryan Cranston break bad, argue with ump in MLB All-Star Celebrity game

Bryan Cranston broke bad in the MLB All-Star Celebrity game after the home plate umpire blew a strike call.

Bryan Cranston has accomplished a lot in his life. He was a classic side character in several Seinfeld episodes, had a leading role as the father on Malcolm in the Middle, and saw a complete career change as Walter White in the critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad.

Many of those characters had their share of enemies. Cranston’s Timothy Whatley character converted to Judaism which had Jerry wondering if he did it only to make the jokes. On Malcolm in the Middle, Cranston’s clashes usually had to do with defending his family in equally as comical situations. It was on Breaking Bad when we saw a new and darker side of an actor best known for comedic and often silly situations.

In Saturday’s Celebrity Softball game, it was Walter White, not Whatley or Malcolm in the Middle’s Hal, who Cranston channeled. It came after a bad call by the home plate umpire which sent Cranston over the edge.

Bryan Cranston broke bad on a nemesis worse than Gus Fring: the home plate umpire

The Celebrity Softball game is one of those quiet yet fun events around the MLB All-Star break. Taking place in Los Angeles this year, travel plans for those hoping to participate were much easier. The Los Angeles Dodgers are Hollywood’s team.

But even with the home crowd on the side of Bryan Cranston, the umpire wasn’t about to do him any favors. Cranston seemed to have no choice but to kick dirt. Given the history of some of his characters, it’s probably the politest of reactions he could have had. White had more than enough bodies buried under the New Mexico desert sands. The umpire only had a little bit kicked on his shoes. There is a clear case of protest for Cranston to make. He better call Saul.

In an exhibition like this, it’s fun when moments like this happen. Bryan Cranston was obviously joking around. After all of the success he has had away from the baseball diamond, one missed call by the umpire won’t drag him down.

The umpire should, however, tread lightly. The next time he opens up a pack of Stevia for some tea or coffee, he might want to think twice.

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