Cardinals: Insane Albert Pujols graphic shows just how incredible he’s been

Albert Pujols has been around MLB for a long time, but the Cardinals legend’s stats speak for themselves. Seeing them all on one screen is a little bit overwhelming.

Pujols got one last chance to embrace everything All-Star weekend is about this week. The 42-year-old participated in the Home Run Derby, and even made it to the second round, defeating Kyle Schwarber in a swing-off.

On Tuesday, Pujols gave a pregame speech to the National League team, in hopes of securing their first win in eight tries. Pujols has seen it all, and the numbers reflect just that.

That stat card makes Baseball-Reference jealous.

Cardinals: Albert Pujols really has done it all

All-Star Games, World Series appearances, MVPs…what hasn’t Pujols done in his illustrious career?

He’s done everything, and it’s part of why he’s bound for Cooperstown whenever his career ends.

What’s not included there is Pujols’ 685 career home runs, which is perhaps the next accolade he wants to reach before all is said and done. Getting 15 more to reach 700 would be tough, even for him. Pujols is a part-time player at this juncture. With more than half of the season over and done with, he’s unlikely to reach that mark.

It takes nothing away from a player of his caliber, though. Pujols is an all-time great, and he’ll be remembered as such.

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