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Yankees rumors: 3 All-Stars to trade for at the deadline

New York Yankees rumors

There are New York Yankees rumors about them needing a starting pitcher and Luis Castillo is the one to go out and get. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

These three MLB All-Stars could be the solution to the New York Yankees rumors regarding their greatest trade deadline needs.

The MLB All-Star Game is about more than the best players in the league coming together. Routinely, it’s a scouting opportunity for the best teams in baseball. Nobody has been better than the New York Yankees this year. This year’s All-Star rosters include a couple of nice fits for what the Yankees should be looking to add at this year’s trade deadline. There are already Yankees rumors linking them to multiple All-Stars. Expect even more to get added to the list.

Starting pitching, an outfield upgrade, and maybe even a bullpen piece? They’re all on Brian Cashman’s agenda and heavily discussed in recent Yankees rumors.

Both the American League and National League All-Star rosters offer the Yankees what they could use. However, the best three options all come from the National League.

3. Yankees rumors: Luis Castillo is the starting pitcher to target

Luis Castillo has done himself a lot of favors to become the subject of Yankees rumors this summer. At the break, he’s 3-4 with a 2.77 ERA in 13 starts. The 29-year-old is under team control through next season as well, making him more than a rental.

Castillo rumors have swirled ever since it was clear the Cincinnati Reds were selling. They held onto Castillo, most likely because they couldn’t get the best deal they thought they could after the MLB lockout ended. And despite a trip to the IL earlier this year, Castillo has impressed even if we can debate whether or not he actually belongs on the All-Star roster because of the time he missed.

Regardless of whether he should or shouldn’t be an All-Star, he is and the Yankees should aim to add him to their roster. As complete as their starting rotation might be, they have a bunch of guys who haven’t gone the distance for a full season or already have some injury concerns.

Winning the regular season championship is nice. Winning in the postseason is what Yankees fans care about most. Castillo can help them get there.

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