Look: MLB All-Star Game attendance not a good look for Dodgers fans

The All-Star Game is supposed to be a showcase, yet Los Angeles had a tough time selling out Dodger Stadium for the event.

Despite Clayton Kershaw literally taking the bump for the first inning of the All-Star Game, Dodgers and baseball fans had a tough time selling out the event, at least per photos. Perhaps it was a late-arriving crowd, but the proof is in the photographs.

That’s a lot of empty seats.

Granted, this is the constant issue with hosting large-scale sporting events in Los Angeles. There’s so much else to do! Even on a random Tuesday night, you expect fans to come watch a regular, boring nine-inning baseball game rather than go to the beach? Just look at the weather!

MLB All-Star Game attendance doesn’t look great

Surely, the game was sold out. Even if it weren’t there’s no chance MLB would let that leak. But tickets to these sorts of sporting events are always pricey, as well. There’s a good chance that even the secondary market was well above what a person on an average working wage can afford.

Therefore, why not just watch it from a bar, or on your own television set if you have one?

Baseball is a great sport, especially when so many national and international stars are involved. But at some point, certain fans are priced out.

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