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Braves: The perfect trade candidate to replace Adam Duvall is a familiar face

The Atlanta Braves need to trade for Joc Pederson to offset losing Adam Duvall for the season.

It doesn’t matter, just do it.

The Atlanta Braves should trade for Joc Pederson in the wake of Adam Duvall needing season-ending wrist surgery.

Duvall went on the 10-day IL Sunday morning only hours before it was revealed his season was over. Atlanta may have gotten Eddie Rosario back from his nagging eye injury, but the Braves find themselves once again in need of an outfielder at the MLB trade deadline. Fortunately, they know a guy who would be a perfect fit on this ballclub, that m**********r who wears a pearl necklace!

Even though the Braves rarely trade with the San Francisco Giants, just get the deal done already.

Atlanta Braves should absolutely trade for Joc Pederson at MLB trade deadline

Hey now! Pederson might be an All-Star, but he needs to get his game on and go play for the defending World Series champions. Them Burgundy Boyz miss him, especially Ian Anderson who cannot get out of the sixth inning for the life of him. More importantly, Braves Country misses its bad b***h. There are cult heroes and then there are people who we erect statues of in due time.

If you thought it was a majestic spectacle when Pederson received his World Series ring he helped design in a coronation of sorts, just imagine what it’s going to be like when he rocks that Atlanta A on his cap again. Truist Park will be louder than Baton Rouge on a Saturday night. The opposition will walk into The Battery knowing damn well they are down 3-0 mentally before the first pitch.

But what about the farm system, Buhler? Newsflash: I don’t care about no got dam farm system, bruh! This team is built to win championships now, so let’s do this thing. Plus, like Pederson, Duvall will be a free agent this winter. This means the Braves could re-up with their cult of personality, the bandleader of them Burgundy Boyz: The man, the myth, the legend, Joc Pederson.

The last weekend of July is a great time to uncork a bottle of merlot and slip them pearls back on.

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