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Mets rumors: Potential Cubs trade package could solve two major issues

The New York Mets are seemingly looking to improve their offense and stabilize their bullpen, which could result from a potential trade with the Chicago Cubs.

The New York Mets are likely on their way to the playoffs (according to FanGraphs, they have a 99.7 percent chance). They’re reportedly looking into a trade with the Chicago Cubs that could make their chances even better.

According to Pat Ragazzo at FanNation, the Mets have been discussing a potential trade package for Willson Contreras and David Robertson.

The two could undoubtedly improve New York’s offense and stabilize their bullpen.

David Robertson and Willson Contreras could solve the Mets issues

Robertson has done great as a relief pitcher so far this season. Over 39.1 innings, he’s produced an ERA of 1.83, batting average against of .147 and WHIP of 0.99. He continuously proves he can close out a game well.

Contreras could be utilized in multiple ways in New York. He’s undoubtedly a talented catcher. He started in the 2022 All-Star Game for the NL team, his third All-Star appearance.

His bat could also be valuable, though. This season, he’s hitting .261/.376/.475 for an OPS of .851 and has an isolated power of .215. If Contreras joined the Mets, he’d have the best on-base percentage, second-best slugging percentage and third-best isolated power. He’d be good as a catcher and a designated hitter.

The two would undoubtedly be one of the best package deals the Mets could hope for. They’re already likely headed to the playoffs, but this upgrade could improve their chances of making it further in the playoffs.

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