Angels: Mike Trout gives optimistic update on back injury, return

The Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout provides an exciting update on his back injury and potential return.

Shortly before the All-Star Break, the Angels placed Mike Trout on the injured list for what was called rib inflammation. Then in the past week, it came out that he had a rare spinal condition affecting his ribs and T5 which is a disc in your spine. Immediately, there were concerns that Trout would miss the season if not have his entire career affected. Luckily, Trout walked back those comments and said that he got some shots into his back.

Now, Trout has provided an even better announcement about his ailing back. After visiting a renowned back doctor, trout has said that’s he now pain-free. Starting in a few days, he will begin doing rotation exercises. Basically, he will be mimicking swinging a bat and twisting his back. If that goes well, he could start hitting in the cage a couple of days after that.

Mike Trout injury update is good news for Angels fans

That’s amazing news for a player who has proven himself to be one of the greatest MLB players ever. There’s no word on what caused this other than likely just time and overuse. However, I know the Angels and their fans couldn’t be more excited to see the 10-time All-Star return soon to their lineup.

He’ll provide excitement and a reason to go to the games despite their poor season. On the season, Mike Trout has played in 79 games and hit .270 with 24 home runs, 51 RBI, and an amazing 169 OPS+. Get ready Halo fans, you might be seeing Trout back sometime soon.

This is not only an exciting update for Trout, Angels fans, but MLB fans in general. The game needs Trout healthy and playing. He’s one of the most exciting players in the MLB. Without him, it just loses some of its luster. The onus will be on Trout and the Angels to ensure that he doesn’t get affected by this again this season or in the seasons to come. That’s especially true when considering the Los Angeles Angels owe Mike Trout over 250 million dollars for the next decade.

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