Mariners torch Gerrit Cole: Best memes and tweets trolling Yankees

New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole came up short in his marquee showcase against a former trade target — Luis Castillo and the Mariners.

Cole is one of the best pitchers in baseball at his best, but seemingly when you least expect it, he throws up a stinker. This is that stinker, and you can smell it all over the five boroughs.

In the first inning against the M’s, Cole gave up six earned runs, including three home runs, all of which were no-doubters at Yankee Stadium. Sure, afternoon games are relatively unpredictable, but facing Castillo had to add some juice for a high-caliber ace such as Cole.

Instead, he came up short once again. In one inning of baseball, his ERA ballooned to 3.71. Having such an outing come against the Mariners, who beat out New York for Castillo, only made matters worse.

Gerrit Cole gets torched: Baseball fans let Yankees have it

In Castillo’s Mariners debut, Seattle gave him a six-run cushion. If he can’t hold onto that, then perhaps he’s not the trade acquisition we thought he was in the first place.

But as for Cole, the Yankees ace everyone else seemingly loves to hate, he got the brunt of the frustration on social media.

Cole’s struggles might be done shortly. After a tough first inning, Cole must get his act together, or else manager Aaron Boone needs to pull him to save face.

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