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Shohei Ohtani trade rumors: Post-deadline update is entirely unsurprising

Post-deadline Shohei Ohtani trade rumors show what the real stance by the Los Angeles Angels was over the last few weeks.

Over the last two weeks, Shohei Ohtani trade rumors helped headline a lot of the MLB trade deadline chatter. As it turns out, the first plane the Wright Brothers put together had more of a chance to take off than a deal for Ohtani.

According to Jon Heyman of the NY Post, Los Angeles Angels owner didn’t want to hear any of it. His superstar pitcher/slugger was untouchable this summer. While some teams may have made legitimate offers to make, they were never going to be able to pull him away from the Angels.

Owner Arte Moreno had his front office answer the phones but with no intention of ever actually trading Ohtani away. We got the tease with no payoff.

Shohei Ohtani trade rumors never had wings

The fact that Ohtani was ever on the trade block came as a surprise for many. It was partly spawned by the Washington Nationals putting Juan Soto on the block. The difference was Soto actually did end up getting dealt after he turned down multiple extension offers.

The Shohei Ohtani trade rumors were in part a reaction to a young superstar slugger becoming available. A chain reaction occurred before the MLB trade deadline. Suddenly, lots of teams were listening on young and controllable assets. There were few surprises with those types of players, including Ohtani who stayed put.

The Angels could always change their tune in the winter. It’s then that more teams could get in on the action. Plus, it would make sense for a contender to even offer multiple big league pieces. In a pennant race, the Angels would have a lesser shot at snagging any MLB players.

The Angels would certainly love to keep Ohtani but with Mike Trout already signed to a mega-contract and a whole lot of losing going on within the organization, the wiser move could be to trade him this offseason for multiple big league pieces and prospects. After all, he’ll be a free agent after the 2023 campaign. The Angels cannot let him leave for only a draft pick.

It may have been the Juan Soto trade rumors that came true this summer. In the offseason, with Soto presumably remaining with the San Diego Padres at least through the end of his current contract, it’s the Shohei Ohtani trade rumors that will keep fans glued to the refresh button on Twitter all winter long.

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