Red Sox: Jarren Duran claims Royals fans were throwing bottlecaps at him

Red Sox centerfielder Jarren Duran had to be restrained by Alex Verdugo from getting into it with Royals fans and Duran explained why he was so heated.

There have been better days for Boston Red Sox centerfielder Jarren Duran (though most of those days have not been in the past couple of months) than what he experienced at Kauffman Stadium on Sunday in the series finale against the Kansas City Royals.

Not only was it a relatively uneventful day at the plate for the youngster, but he also made several notable fielding mistakes throughout the game. But the ugliest moment came late as the Red Sox were trailing. It was a bit awkward on the broadcast as it showed Duran being pulled back by Alex Verdugo and seemingly arguing with fans.

This video highlights his no-good, very bad day in Kansas City and finishes with the near altercation and Duran being restrained.

Red Sox: Jarren Duran says Royals fans threw bottlecaps at him

After the game, Duran was asked about the incident and he had an explanation for why he was so heated with the Royals fans sitting in the outfield. The Red Sox outfielder claimed that the fans were throwing bottlecaps at him, which is what brought about his reaction that forced Verdugo to hold him back and remove him from the situation.

While it would be easy to say that Duran should be a professional and keep his composure, if that’s what was happening at Kauffman Stadium, then it’s reasonable for the centerfielder to be angry. That’s completely unacceptable behavior from fans and, though it was just bottlecaps, it’s also potentially dangerous as well.

Even if there was a reason for Duran’s outburst, though, the fact of the matter is that most Red Sox fans don’t care about that — they just want him to play better baseball. His bat has been ice cold and his defense might be even worse. And for a team clinging to an inkling of playoff livelihood, that’s not going to cut it.

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