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Cardinals: Harrison Bader says goodbye in touching tribute to St. Louis

Former St. Louis Cardinals centerfielder Harrison Bader shared an emotional goodbye to the Cardinals after being traded to the New York Yankees.

Former St. Louis Cardinals centerfielder Harrison Bader was traded to the New York Yankees at the deadline. Bader spent his entire career in St. Louis up until the deadline, and he shared some sentimental words to say goodbye.

Bader wrote a lengthy article for The Players Tribune that expressed his thankfulness to be a part of the Cardinals franchise for several years.

He started off the article by saying, “First off, from the bottom of my heart: I want to say thank you. St. Louis, I want to tell you — with all the love and respect in the world — how grateful and appreciative I am to have been a part of this community for the past six years.”

Though he wasn’t the best player on the team, the 28-year-old certainly showed his dedication to the team every day.

Former Cardinals outfielder Harrison Bader showed dedication to St. Louis

Bader consistently played hard and posted positive messages about St. Louis across social media. He made an Instagram post, which was featured in his piece with the Players Tribune, captioned “hug me brothaa” in a celebratory moment with his former Cardinals and now Yankees teammate Matt Carpenter.

Over his six-season career, he hit .246/.320/.409 for an OPS of .729. He played well and will always remember the support St. Louis gave him. He also hopes St. Louis will remember him.

Bader wrote, “If there’s one thing that I’d want St. Louis to remember most about me, it’s my smile.”

It’s clear his time with the Cards meant a great deal to him — but at least he’ll have a piece of St. Louis in New York with him now that Carpenter is there, even if the Yankees made him ditch his trademark locks.

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